Bazista Will Provide Decentralized Money Into The Real Economy has introduced its new project called as Bazista. We know that Internet of Things has been evolving from year to year. It has become much more prevalent in today’s society. It has become the place for physical and digital assets trading. With that in mind, Bazista responds in the right way.

Bazista introduces the decentralized marketplace where the users can trade their digital assets for goods and services via the internet. The trading platform is purposely created to two main scopes: B2C – Business to consumer, and C2C – Consumer to consumer. The decentralized marketplace introduced by Bazista can focus on the goods and services exchange with abundant digital assets options.

This marketplace does not only offer the feature above. It indeed showcases the distinct perk that its competitors don’t have. One of the most significant features is the endorsement system where the users will be rewarded when executing referral to certain products in the platform. Surprisingly, Bazista also offers the low fees for the transactions. Some of them are even 0%.

This platform will not be the wholly decentralized marketplace. Rather, it is in the hybrid model. At least that is the closest description that we’ve got so far. And as expected from the decentralized marketplace, cryptocurrencies will be added as the digital assets. The platform, just like any other marketplace, will have integral system which supervises the deals, delivery, user ranking, social signals, and many more. All these variables will be added eventually when the project is successful.

There are three main parties who make use of the platform: buyers, sellers, and promoters. Buyers will be able to use their Bazista tokens for the products or services. Bazista or BZS can also be used for granting access to some offers. Meanwhile, sellers can earn digital assets from selling their services or product.

With the Bazista platform, promoters can also take some benefits. They will be able to work together with the other BZS users to earn coins together. It is kind of platform, that user don’t need to register to buy a product. It is as simple as choose a product you are interested in and click buy, all price will be fixed price. Once you purchased the item, and email will be sent for the confirmation.

We mentioned about 0% transaction fees. Of course, there is a catch, not the difficult one. You will have to pay the transaction fee of 3% if you hold around 15,000 to 24,999 tokens in your account. When you hold above these number, the fee will be zero. Bazista also promises the benefits revolving around the efficient and effective payments, low transactions fees, no hidden commissions, tax-free (given the fact that cryptocurrency is added in the system), instant payments, additional marketing tools, internal tokens. If you are open to the ideas of e-commerce platform, Bazista will definitely give you tons of advantages. You will expect to see the one-click purchases, rating systems, secure transactions, discounts, offers, and even commission-free transactions.

So, Bazista already offering live token sales, if you are interested then visit and invest, it has great future amd one of the best ICO around in Dec.

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