Best Crypto Currency (Alt Coin) To Invest In October 2017

1. Cardano (ADA)

Recently ADA join into crypto currency world, first day it was trading $0.026 per coin. But after 1 week, the price went up and currently trading around $0.31. They have raised 600 million in ICO and pre ICO. Which means they have done exactly what they needed for the boost in the market. Their main development partner is IOHK, and you will find plenty of good article in Forbes, Bloomberg and the NASDAQ. IOHK development team has doctors, scientists, researcher who are working in the project.

What Cardano stand out from other crypto is, their technology and have strong development team. And This Saturday Oct 14, they officially launch in Japan, means their price wil up in near future and if you check their road map, you will see this coins have great future. So i believe this is the time to buy Cardano, currently trading in Bittrex, but soon there will be more, as per their website. Their CEO Charles Hoskinson was also CEO of Ethereum in 2013-2014, So i believe Cardano is the next Ether.

2. Ripple (XRP)

Well, I know Ripple has been around sometimes, and trading around $0.21 to $0.25 on few trading partner site. They had some up & down last few years, this is the only coins which price is steady, it doesn’t fall dramatically if bitcoins fall. Recently it volume went up almost triple, and price went to to as far as $0.31 cents, due to the Swell conference which happening international banking conference in Toronto Oct. 16-18.

Ripple is the only currency which brought together crypto & banking system, they hoping to add 2000 more banks in current conference, and their speaker Dr. Ben Bernanke and Sir Tim Berners-Lee will be speaking tomorrow at the conference in Toronto. If any positive news comes out of the conference tomorrow, then expect a price jump and it might go up to $0.45 cents, which will be all time high. So i think it is the best time to invest in Ripple.

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