Docademic – Medical Token For Telemedicine Platform

Docademic is a futuristic ecosystem for the medical industry. This project focuses on the development of the Healthcare services based on the blockchain that will be powered by MTC. Since more of the Healthcare services have been making use of MTC blockchain, the project creators hope that that MTC ERC20 will be the official token for growing and expanding the ecosystem.

The Medical Token Currency or MTC provides the most basic healthcare to the world using the AI and blockchain. So, before going further with the academic review, we should know what Medical Token Currency is first.

MTC or Medical Token Currency is the form o the digital token which will be used on the Academic Platform and its ecosystem. The platform will uphold the doctor-AI assisted video telemedicine services to provide much better services to the patients around the world.
The platform has actually been used in over 20 countries by thousands of users in total. By using Docademic Platform, the patients will be able to access free basic healthcare from the specific network of doctors in the world. The platform will depend on the AI works.

So, how does this platform work?

Basically, the users need to have MTC or Medical Token Currency to enjoy the platform’s services. The Docademic platform also comes in the mobile version in which the patients must install the app on their mobile device. The users will open the app, then start using the platform through it. Then the users will be redirected to the platform in which they can speak with their doctor. The means of communication are mostly done in a video call. Don’t get misunderstood though, the patients will not pay anything for video call. No tokens will be needed during the communication.

The token will be used when the doctor recommends additional treatments which can be purchased via the Docademic platform. As mentioned, the MTC will be used for the services in the Academic platform.

The AI will create new patient identities automatically. The identities of the patients are then uploaded securely to the blockchain. The smart contracts will make sure that every transaction of information is done securely and safely. Any doctor can also access the patient data.

For patients, the Docademic app is a great one to consult with the doctor from anywhere, anytime. The users can use the app to get the free access to the healthcare. Suppose you are the patient, all you need to dis to install the Docademic. And register with any email address. The app also allows connecting to Facebook. Then press a button and talk to a doctor. Not to mention that it is 24/7 free of charge. Then the users can purchase the health services via the Docademic platform.

It can be a breakthrough for most growing countries with many patients who need fiscal help for their medication. So why wait? Join the ICO and invest in this coin, this is one of the best project in 2018, don’t miss this opportunity.


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