How To Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Canada

QuadrigaCX has been one of the most prominent methods for Canadians to trade BTC and ETH to CAD. When it comes to crypto exchange in Canada, QuadrigaCX is undoubtedly the best one. The firm is located in Vancouver, BC, allowing all Canadians to have easy access in case of emergency or other purposes. The goal of this firm is to provide the simple and straightforward platform which allows the Canadian users to process the buying and selling of the most prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium.

They do not only emphasize the promising gimmicks on their part. They also claim to be the best platform for high-end security since security is their main concern to deliver the perfect services for Canadians. QuadrigaCX has been admitted internationally by having the advanced security technology which can be used by the users to conduct all the transactions securely.

It is claimed that the user accounts are protected by the high standard of encryption level which outsmarts the common payment industry standards. They claimed that their servers use unique OS and software so that it is difficult to impossible for hackers to mess up with their system. Not to mention that all users can make use of their safe and secure trading platform. The platform is very dependable for both website and the API. Running a partnership with CloudFlare, you can expect the most protected platform which will help you to improve your necessity.

It is fair to judge that the platform has limited volumes of the liquidity from Bitcoin and Ethereum. Well, that is quite sensible because they focus to offer the service for Canadian users. Claimed to be the Canadian firm, they posted their firm address and contact number. The place is located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The address, fortunately, is not a bogus. We have contacted our relation and asked him to confirm their location. The result was amazing. He was welcomed by the representative of QuadrigaCX. If you are going to visit their office, you will need to schedule the appointment by contacting their customer support in advance. Keep in mind that this is a busy firm with very limited sources. A lot of people want to do a quick tour in their office, so you would expect to wait for few days or even weeks until you are able to visit the place.

The electronic fund’s transfer fee of QuadrigaCX is not the cheapest in the market. But given the fact that it has the most advanced security system, you can have peace of mind when conducting buying or selling transaction with other people. Not to mention that some methods are free of charge including Bank Wire, Crypto Capital, Voucher, Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin.

QuadrigaCX also offers the trading platform with limited currencies options which revolve around the Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, for USD or CAD. But these are not leveraged. Although it mostly offers the mentioned cryptos, you can also look for others like Kraken, Coincheck, Bitfinex, Quoinex, and big flyer. You can trade them on margin. However, the percentage might be lower than another marketplace. If you are interested in Forex, QuadrigaCX also opens the opportunity for speculative leveraged trading on financial instruments like IG, HYCM, FXTM, and so on. QuadrigaCX is indeed the largest cryptocurrency exchange. If you are looking for a trusted exchange in Canada, you can’t go wrong with this.

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