It Is Best Time To Invest In Ripple (XRP)

Ripple crypto is the product of Ripple, the company which was established by Jed McCaleb before he left in 2011. However, the Ripple was released in 2012 by the company of the same name. Ripple coin is categorized as a crypto currency and works pretty much the same with Bitcoin.

But there is a significant different from Ripple crypto currency. Unlike its competitors, the Ripple’s source code is owned directly by the company. That means third parties cannot verify this crypto currency.

Ripple company has been renowned for past several years. The ripples currency, XRP has been one of the most demanded crypto currencies in the world. Folks have been much familiar with the XRP. Sometimes folks are confused about the name of Ripple since it is both a digital currency and an open payment network in which the XRP currency is used. Although the payment system is still in beta, the goal of ripple system is pretty obvious. It is to ease folks to conduct fiscal activities in the internet without barriers. As we know, we have certain limitations when using conventional payments like credit cards, wire transfer, and so on. Ripple can eliminate these limitations.

The main goal of Ripple itself is to create the decentralized digital currency. Well, that explains a lot why folks often consider this as Bitcoin replacement. Ripple company knows really much about today’s society. Folks are often deterred to purchase online because each site has different payment systems. Ripple is purposely designed to overcome the problem by connecting different payment methods together.

Ripple, in many ways, is like Bitcoin. The Ripple’s XRP crypto currency is digital form of currency. It is generated through the specific mathematical formulas and has limited number of units ready to be mined. According to the charts, currently in Nov 04, 2017 Ripple is $0.204638 per 1 XRP. But within few weeks price will go up, specially after Bitcoin segwit 2x fork, which suppose to happen Nov 16, 2017. Also there are rumors, that Palm Beach Confidential (PBC) also recommend to buy ripple in Nov, So i believe it is best time to buy Ripple.

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