Beauty is considered a valuable asset among modern women. The field of cosmetology gives birth to the concept of beauty as changing the lifestyle by adopting the modern trending ways in order to be considered in the category of “BEAUTY” by the society. Here the term beauty is referred to the physical external appearance of the woman which includes the shape of the body, tone of the skin, the shape of the oval face, beautiful hair, round eyes with different colors, smooth skin and perfect white and heathy teeth, which can also be referred to as the natural beauty of the individual that can also be achieved by the modern products from an industry called cosmetics.

In context of business, not all the women meet the criteria of beauty defined by the society because of several barriers between the consumers and business units. These barriers may include the limitation of payment methods, avoiding processing fee for credit services provided by commercial banks etc. With the introduction of cryptocurrency, ease of method of payments are aimed to be developed in every type of industry. JOLYY, is a cryptocurrency that aims to ease the payment methods in the cosmetic industry.

It was founded in 2016 with the idea to implement and improve the business models for online beauty booking across Europe. It is an online booking platform that will be based on blockchain technology which aims to benefit all the industry members as the blockchain technology is more transparent with low cost advantage for all the users. The current rate of commission of the industry is 20% that plays the role of barrier for consumers whereas JOLYY tends to charge no commission in the first year and intends to charge 1% commission after one year. As it is based on blockchain technology, so the transactions are held instantly between p2p so no waiting for the clearance of transaction.

JOLYY has the first mover advantage to provide a social platform using blockchain technology where the service providers can share their real-time experiences publicly with the clients and potential customers with also providing the easy accessibility to avail the services by just using the smart phone application. In traditional methods, the beauty service providers did not have a direct access to the cosmetic manufacturers so the JOLYY will enable not only to connect the consumers and beauty service providers but also enables service providers to connect with the cosmetic manufacturer to share their needs, wants and demands with the manufacturers to enable them to meet the changing trends of the business market as well as to smoothen the process of supply chain from manufacturers to service providers.

In the first quarter on 2018, JOLYY 2G Beta release with integrated JOY web app and scaling in overseas market. In second quarter of 2018, JOLYY 2G Main version with JOY app web app along with JOY mobile app will be integrated and in the third quarter od 2018, JOLYY will fully launch their social platform which will include JOLYY Store and JOLYY live. For more information visit their Ann Thread

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