New Crypto Currency Betrium Pre ICO Oct 21

New crypto currency Ico will launch in 10th November worldwide. Betrium has a group of entrepreneurs from MIT & MIPT, and offering decentralized coin in sports betting. As we know the sports betting market is huge, and about 100 million people betting online and offline every month. So Betrium, come up with an idea, how they can offer those bettors to bet on crypto coins worldwide, supporting bitcoins, Ether, Dash and other coins. Betrium platform will also help bettors to make more profit from each bet as commission will be lower than current percentage, and more profitable odds. Check out more details at

For example, now if you deposit any money to any sports betting sites, they will charge you 3% to 5% fees, which is very high and not good for those bettors, but Betrium will not take any money if you deposit, which will be huge relief for those bettors. Betrium also will offer open API, which means, 3rd party and betting service provider can use the API and benefit from it, which means Betrium can be one of the world leading betting processing center in future.

Betrium founded in 2016, and by April 2017, they have raised $220k from the investors. So many people start to believe in them, and they hope to raise more money in coming Pre ICO event in 21st October, and will end in November 21st.

Currently Pre ICO offering 1 ETH = 6000 BTRM, and maximum 2000 ETH will be sold. So, if you would like to join the pre ICO, and contribute then visit

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