Review Of Plaza.Systems ICO: The Fastest Blockchain In The World Designed For Commerce

The Plaza is an ecosystem that presents itself as an ecosystem that acts as a cross between lifestyle and technology. The platforms aim to achieve its goal by integrating emerging technologies into people’s daily lives and prioritizing utility, convenience, effectiveness, and security.

Information about MerchantChain ™ powers Total bCommerce – the next-generation blockchain business – with transaction speed that eclipses current distributed accounting technologies. It is faster and lighter than any other competitor and allows large and small companies to build their own decentralized applications or choose from a range of cost-effective solutions. Total bCommerce! it is a simplified, secure and cost-effective means for both buyers and sellers to carry out transactions in the cryptographic / encryption era. Fundamental of Total bCommerce, MerchantChain is the fastest, most scalable, most sustainable, safest and most future-proof ledger distributed for business.


How does the platform work?

This is a project that offers its users a wide range of lifestyle solutions, working to increase the adoption of Cryptocurrencies and to make sure that it is usable by everyone in society.

Plaza Systems will also provide an AI-based search engine with the ability to scour the entire Internet in order to offer the best options when it comes to goods and services offered by merchants within the platform and also outside the platform. This feature will increase convenience when shopping, allowing the search for merchants with different options.

In addition, buyers will be able to purchase in private if they do not want their identity to be revealed. The platform is fully protected and buyers will be able to browse through millions of items available online – my conclusion is that this is fantastic and will change the way we sell and buy online.

PLAZA PlazaDollar PL $ Features of the Cryptocurrency Blockchain system

Thanks to the impressive and innovative design of the Plaza ecosystem, users will be continuously enhanced by a world of choice, regardless of their location. These notable features include;

Total bCommerce of Plaza Systems

Plaza Systems occupies the intersection between lifestyle and technology. I am a systems integration company focused on blockchain trading.

Sellers and commercial activities offers a next-generation blockchain infrastructure (bCommerce), the fastest on Earth.

Fast and future-proof MerchantChain

The foundation of Total bCommerce, MerchantChain is the fastest, most scalable, most sustainable, safest and most future-proofed ledger for business.

Incredible speed

Benchmarking at 15,000+ tps with less than 3 seconds of average confirmation time.

Intrinsic sustainability

A ledger managed by very low power IOT (Internet of Things) devices and mobile/desktop apps according to a reputation test algorithm (PoR).

Infinite scalability

A positive correlation between user numbers and distributed nodes, multiple users equals more capacity.

High security

All parties must possess the AURA SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, prevent fraud and instill trust and confidence in the ecosystem.

Future proof

The ledger will remain safe long after the ciphering power of quantum computing becomes a problem.

MerchantChain transaction currency

Sellers on MerchantChain can mint their MTC:

Linked to the real value (not to market sentiment)

Designed for shopping (non-waiting) Consumer-friendly with only two decimal places (not 18) any seller can create decentralized applications on top of the merchant chain. Some have called it Shopify or Magento of the distributed ledger era – we call it Total bCommerce!

Plaza Freedom Lifestyle

The suite of browsing, searching and payment styles of PlazaSystems Freedom Lifestyle are more convenient, more private, more liberating, more rewarding, less expensive and just as safe as traditional instruments. They all interact with the modern PlazaWallet.


A debit card offers the flexibility to spend crypts on the move, in shops, restaurants, and hotels, and to withdraw in local currency from ATMs.

Plaza Merchants

Sell pre-paid with instructions on how to set up your own PlazaWallet and offer cardholders an offline medium to top up their PlazaWallet using local currency.

Easy to use apps

The PlazaDesktop and PlazaMobile applications offer a familiar online shopping experience with the added benefits of powerful artificial intelligence-based e-commerce meta-search, anonymous browsing, low transaction costs, personal AI (AI) assistant, and earning in hands-free royalties.

Concierge Plaza

A voice-activated intelligent speaker (based on Amazon Alexa AI) that works exclusively for you, its owner, not the developer who sold it to you.

If offered: personal assistance hands-free and anonymous purchases, a secure cryptographic hardware portfolio and easily earn hands-free mining royalties.

PLAZA Token ICO Details

Start date – March 15, 2018

Token name – PLAZA

Protocol – ERC20

Hard Cap – 100,000 ETH

Exchange rate – 1 ETH = 5,000 PLAZA


If you have any question contact me at, user id: imteaz

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