Why 99% Alt Coin Fail?

Well, Recently I have noticed Alt coin market saturated, If you visit the Alt coin announcement or bounty, you will notice every hour, there is a new coin announcement.

So my question is, how many % of those new alt coin survive in long run? let’s say 1 year? 2 years? or even 5 years?

99% of them will fail within first year. Here’s why:

1. People making millions of crypto currency, we can make it, lets make a coin.
2. People have no idea, what they are getting in, and how to run a company or organization.
3. People wants easy money.
4. No reputable organization or company behind the idea.
5. Most of people under 25, wanaa be entrepreneur, without any background or knowledge.
6. Most of the alt coin start with ICO, expecting to collect millions of dollar from it, without any capital.
7. How many new alt coin company can run of 20 to 25 dev team? not many.
8. Without zero marketing idea, or how to market the coin.
9. When coin price doesn’t go up in couple of months, they give up.
10. If we can list on exchanges, we will get rich!

The rest of 1% Alt coin will survive beyond 2020 because >
1. They have a purpose and ambition.
2. They don’t go after money, rather working hard to maintain back end.
3. Strong Development team, who knows what they are doing.
4. Keeping touch with social media, updating every move and letting investors know, they are in good hand.
5. Trust factor, you have to show that public will trust you.
6. Regularly have conference, at least twice a year and update investor, what’s going on.
7. A clear road map, and actually follow it.
8. Thinking long term.
9. Hire actual marketing people rather than depends on this forum only.
10. There are million of people who doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you have to learn how to reach them.
11. Stop depending on Social media, We all know 70% people use social media is under 25 and they are student. They are not investor.
12. Try to connect your coin with any company, or organization, no matter how small it is.
13. Go slow, don’t worry about your price, worry about your project and stability.
14. Hire online entrepreneur or even a YouTube star, if your audience is young and target market under 25.

I can go on and on but these are my opinion to be a successful in this field.  I posted this on Bitcoin talk forum, you can check here, if you want to share your opinion, then join us here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2258978.0


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