Why Bitcoin Price Going Up? Simple Explanation

Many people wondering, why all of sudden Bitcoin price is going up in fast motion, in last 48 hours. There was some rumors about hard fork in October, But rumors turned out to be truth now.

Yes, Bitcoin announces that, they will fork 3rd week of October, which is why all of sudden, there is a completion to get a bitcoin. But why everyone wants a piece of it?

Because if there is a fork happening means, every bitcoin you hold, you will get same amount of bitcoin gold. That’s mean bitcoin giving away free money to bitcoin holder just like last time they did in bitcoin cash fork. So this is why you see price going up rapidly, because tons of people trying to get a hold of bitcoin. But as we don’t know how much bitcoin gold would worth, it could be anywhere $400 to $900 per bitcoin gold, think how much money you can get it free, once you hold 1 btc.

So, what i believe is after the hard fork, btc price will go down, as most people invested in Alt coin will also go back to where they were invested previously. That’s why you see almost all Alt coin price going down, due to the fork happening. But after fork is done, everything will be back to normal. So invest smart.

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