Why You Should Buy Ethereum

For those who are fond of decentralized currency, safe payment gateway, and safe identity can make a good choice in Ethereum. Including the blockchain technology, Ethereum is there to achieve decentralized currency. While Bitcoin exists to replace online banking and PayPal, Ethereum is more focusing on replacing the third party’s internet.

Ethereum strives for the “World Computer” that is decentralized. Rather than storing your personal data in servers and clouds, these are replaced by “nodes” which are operated by users from around the world. So, instead of third parties who control the apps, the author and developers have their own independent ways to distribute their apps and get the rewards from it.

Put it simply, Ethereum is an open software platform based on blockchain technology. This open software platform can be used by all developers to build their own decentralized applications. It is similar to Bitcoin, but in many sides not really. Indeed, Ethereum is delivered through public blockchain network, just like Bitcoin. However, the most distinctive aspect between Ethereum and Bitcoin is the purpose and the capability of the Ethereum. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum blockchain rather focuses on running decentralized app with specific programming code.

The activity in the Ethereum blockchain is also a bit different with another cryptocurrency. The miners will earn Either, the crypto which can fuel the network. Ether is also a tradeable cryptocurrency. But most users of this currency is the developers who want to pay for services or any transaction in Ethereum network.

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