Review Of Plaza.Systems ICO: The Fastest Blockchain In The World Designed For Commerce

The Plaza is an ecosystem that presents itself as an ecosystem that acts as a cross between lifestyle and technology. The platforms aim to achieve its goal by integrating emerging technologies into people’s daily lives and prioritizing utility, convenience, effectiveness, and security.

Information about MerchantChain ™ powers Total bCommerce – the next-generation blockchain business – with transaction speed that eclipses current distributed accounting technologies. It is faster and lighter than any other competitor and allows large and small companies to build their own decentralized applications or choose from a range of cost-effective solutions. Total bCommerce! it is a simplified, secure and cost-effective means for both buyers and sellers to carry out transactions in the cryptographic / encryption era. Fundamental of Total bCommerce, MerchantChain is the fastest, most scalable, most sustainable, safest and most future-proof ledger distributed for business.


How does the platform work?

This is a project that offers its users a wide range of lifestyle solutions, working to increase the adoption of Cryptocurrencies and to make sure that it is usable by everyone in society.

Plaza Systems will also provide an AI-based search engine with the ability to scour the entire Internet in order to offer the best options when it comes to goods and services offered by merchants within the platform and also outside the platform. This feature will increase convenience when shopping, allowing the search for merchants with different options.

In addition, buyers will be able to purchase in private if they do not want their identity to be revealed. The platform is fully protected and buyers will be able to browse through millions of items available online – my conclusion is that this is fantastic and will change the way we sell and buy online.

PLAZA PlazaDollar PL $ Features of the Cryptocurrency Blockchain system

Thanks to the impressive and innovative design of the Plaza ecosystem, users will be continuously enhanced by a world of choice, regardless of their location. These notable features include;

Total bCommerce of Plaza Systems

Plaza Systems occupies the intersection between lifestyle and technology. I am a systems integration company focused on blockchain trading.

Sellers and commercial activities offers a next-generation blockchain infrastructure (bCommerce), the fastest on Earth.

Fast and future-proof MerchantChain

The foundation of Total bCommerce, MerchantChain is the fastest, most scalable, most sustainable, safest and most future-proofed ledger for business.

Incredible speed

Benchmarking at 15,000+ tps with less than 3 seconds of average confirmation time.

Intrinsic sustainability

A ledger managed by very low power IOT (Internet of Things) devices and mobile/desktop apps according to a reputation test algorithm (PoR).

Infinite scalability

A positive correlation between user numbers and distributed nodes, multiple users equals more capacity.

High security

All parties must possess the AURA SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, prevent fraud and instill trust and confidence in the ecosystem.

Future proof

The ledger will remain safe long after the ciphering power of quantum computing becomes a problem.

MerchantChain transaction currency

Sellers on MerchantChain can mint their MTC:

Linked to the real value (not to market sentiment)

Designed for shopping (non-waiting) Consumer-friendly with only two decimal places (not 18) any seller can create decentralized applications on top of the merchant chain. Some have called it Shopify or Magento of the distributed ledger era – we call it Total bCommerce!

Plaza Freedom Lifestyle

The suite of browsing, searching and payment styles of PlazaSystems Freedom Lifestyle are more convenient, more private, more liberating, more rewarding, less expensive and just as safe as traditional instruments. They all interact with the modern PlazaWallet.


A debit card offers the flexibility to spend crypts on the move, in shops, restaurants, and hotels, and to withdraw in local currency from ATMs.

Plaza Merchants

Sell pre-paid with instructions on how to set up your own PlazaWallet and offer cardholders an offline medium to top up their PlazaWallet using local currency.

Easy to use apps

The PlazaDesktop and PlazaMobile applications offer a familiar online shopping experience with the added benefits of powerful artificial intelligence-based e-commerce meta-search, anonymous browsing, low transaction costs, personal AI (AI) assistant, and earning in hands-free royalties.

Concierge Plaza

A voice-activated intelligent speaker (based on Amazon Alexa AI) that works exclusively for you, its owner, not the developer who sold it to you.

If offered: personal assistance hands-free and anonymous purchases, a secure cryptographic hardware portfolio and easily earn hands-free mining royalties.

PLAZA Token ICO Details

Start date – March 15, 2018

Token name – PLAZA

Protocol – ERC20

Hard Cap – 100,000 ETH

Exchange rate – 1 ETH = 5,000 PLAZA


If you have any question contact me at, user id: imteaz

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Taklimakan A Complete Educational Blockchain Network Platform

Taklimakan Network has been a hot topic in the world of cryptocurrency lately because of its fantastic features. The platform aims to provide the best platform for the cryptoanalysts, traders, enthusiasts and professionals to make the better professional investment decisions. Not to mention that the key of this ecosystem is the cryptocurrency educational platform that is provided by the Taklimakan Network.

Taklimakan Network Education center designed to improve the literacy level in the crypto industry. It is a big medium to provide a place for professionals and peers to conduct practical trading skills. In this education platform, the user will be able to pinpoint the mentor for the crypto investment, participate in the cryptocurrencies webinars, lectures, courses, and lessons. The users will have the full access to the blockchain technology library.

Although Taklimakan Network is prevalent for the beginners, it is also a perfect place for advanced users who want to get deeper into the crypto industry. Here you will find various methods and crypto trading tools that you can use for the effective execution in the common crypto market. The lessons, materials, and related contents in the Taklimakan Network education center will be distributed to the segmented users. So, you will attain the proper content based on your level of skills. Plus, the platform can help the peers to stimulate the creation of the lectures where the trading tools will be explained and dissected clearly. No matter what level you are, you will easily follow the lectures in the education platform.

The qualified, proficient, and experienced users are eligible to share the articles, master classes, author’s content, training materials, webinars, consultations, and many more. Taklimakan Network provides the great tools that you need to make the education process work well. Since all the materials are the real products from the experienced traders and experts, you will find many things that the crypto industry people won’t tell you. It is a great platform for those who want to get deeper into cryptocurrencies industry.


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Docademic – Medical Token For Telemedicine Platform

Docademic is a futuristic ecosystem for the medical industry. This project focuses on the development of the Healthcare services based on the blockchain that will be powered by MTC. Since more of the Healthcare services have been making use of MTC blockchain, the project creators hope that that MTC ERC20 will be the official token for growing and expanding the ecosystem.

The Medical Token Currency or MTC provides the most basic healthcare to the world using the AI and blockchain. So, before going further with the academic review, we should know what Medical Token Currency is first.

MTC or Medical Token Currency is the form o the digital token which will be used on the Academic Platform and its ecosystem. The platform will uphold the doctor-AI assisted video telemedicine services to provide much better services to the patients around the world.
The platform has actually been used in over 20 countries by thousands of users in total. By using Docademic Platform, the patients will be able to access free basic healthcare from the specific network of doctors in the world. The platform will depend on the AI works.

So, how does this platform work?

Basically, the users need to have MTC or Medical Token Currency to enjoy the platform’s services. The Docademic platform also comes in the mobile version in which the patients must install the app on their mobile device. The users will open the app, then start using the platform through it. Then the users will be redirected to the platform in which they can speak with their doctor. The means of communication are mostly done in a video call. Don’t get misunderstood though, the patients will not pay anything for video call. No tokens will be needed during the communication.

The token will be used when the doctor recommends additional treatments which can be purchased via the Docademic platform. As mentioned, the MTC will be used for the services in the Academic platform.

The AI will create new patient identities automatically. The identities of the patients are then uploaded securely to the blockchain. The smart contracts will make sure that every transaction of information is done securely and safely. Any doctor can also access the patient data.

For patients, the Docademic app is a great one to consult with the doctor from anywhere, anytime. The users can use the app to get the free access to the healthcare. Suppose you are the patient, all you need to dis to install the Docademic. And register with any email address. The app also allows connecting to Facebook. Then press a button and talk to a doctor. Not to mention that it is 24/7 free of charge. Then the users can purchase the health services via the Docademic platform.

It can be a breakthrough for most growing countries with many patients who need fiscal help for their medication. So why wait? Join the ICO and invest in this coin, this is one of the best project in 2018, don’t miss this opportunity.


Free Telemedicine Platform :

Ann Thread:

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How To Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Canada

QuadrigaCX has been one of the most prominent methods for Canadians to trade BTC and ETH to CAD. When it comes to crypto exchange in Canada, QuadrigaCX is undoubtedly the best one. The firm is located in Vancouver, BC, allowing all Canadians to have easy access in case of emergency or other purposes. The goal of this firm is to provide the simple and straightforward platform which allows the Canadian users to process the buying and selling of the most prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium.

They do not only emphasize the promising gimmicks on their part. They also claim to be the best platform for high-end security since security is their main concern to deliver the perfect services for Canadians. QuadrigaCX has been admitted internationally by having the advanced security technology which can be used by the users to conduct all the transactions securely.

It is claimed that the user accounts are protected by the high standard of encryption level which outsmarts the common payment industry standards. They claimed that their servers use unique OS and software so that it is difficult to impossible for hackers to mess up with their system. Not to mention that all users can make use of their safe and secure trading platform. The platform is very dependable for both website and the API. Running a partnership with CloudFlare, you can expect the most protected platform which will help you to improve your necessity.

It is fair to judge that the platform has limited volumes of the liquidity from Bitcoin and Ethereum. Well, that is quite sensible because they focus to offer the service for Canadian users. Claimed to be the Canadian firm, they posted their firm address and contact number. The place is located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The address, fortunately, is not a bogus. We have contacted our relation and asked him to confirm their location. The result was amazing. He was welcomed by the representative of QuadrigaCX. If you are going to visit their office, you will need to schedule the appointment by contacting their customer support in advance. Keep in mind that this is a busy firm with very limited sources. A lot of people want to do a quick tour in their office, so you would expect to wait for few days or even weeks until you are able to visit the place.

The electronic fund’s transfer fee of QuadrigaCX is not the cheapest in the market. But given the fact that it has the most advanced security system, you can have peace of mind when conducting buying or selling transaction with other people. Not to mention that some methods are free of charge including Bank Wire, Crypto Capital, Voucher, Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin.

QuadrigaCX also offers the trading platform with limited currencies options which revolve around the Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, for USD or CAD. But these are not leveraged. Although it mostly offers the mentioned cryptos, you can also look for others like Kraken, Coincheck, Bitfinex, Quoinex, and big flyer. You can trade them on margin. However, the percentage might be lower than another marketplace. If you are interested in Forex, QuadrigaCX also opens the opportunity for speculative leveraged trading on financial instruments like IG, HYCM, FXTM, and so on. QuadrigaCX is indeed the largest cryptocurrency exchange. If you are looking for a trusted exchange in Canada, you can’t go wrong with this.

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Bazista Will Provide Decentralized Money Into The Real Economy has introduced its new project called as Bazista. We know that Internet of Things has been evolving from year to year. It has become much more prevalent in today’s society. It has become the place for physical and digital assets trading. With that in mind, Bazista responds in the right way.

Bazista introduces the decentralized marketplace where the users can trade their digital assets for goods and services via the internet. The trading platform is purposely created to two main scopes: B2C – Business to consumer, and C2C – Consumer to consumer. The decentralized marketplace introduced by Bazista can focus on the goods and services exchange with abundant digital assets options.

This marketplace does not only offer the feature above. It indeed showcases the distinct perk that its competitors don’t have. One of the most significant features is the endorsement system where the users will be rewarded when executing referral to certain products in the platform. Surprisingly, Bazista also offers the low fees for the transactions. Some of them are even 0%.

This platform will not be the wholly decentralized marketplace. Rather, it is in the hybrid model. At least that is the closest description that we’ve got so far. And as expected from the decentralized marketplace, cryptocurrencies will be added as the digital assets. The platform, just like any other marketplace, will have integral system which supervises the deals, delivery, user ranking, social signals, and many more. All these variables will be added eventually when the project is successful.

There are three main parties who make use of the platform: buyers, sellers, and promoters. Buyers will be able to use their Bazista tokens for the products or services. Bazista or BZS can also be used for granting access to some offers. Meanwhile, sellers can earn digital assets from selling their services or product.

With the Bazista platform, promoters can also take some benefits. They will be able to work together with the other BZS users to earn coins together. It is kind of platform, that user don’t need to register to buy a product. It is as simple as choose a product you are interested in and click buy, all price will be fixed price. Once you purchased the item, and email will be sent for the confirmation.

We mentioned about 0% transaction fees. Of course, there is a catch, not the difficult one. You will have to pay the transaction fee of 3% if you hold around 15,000 to 24,999 tokens in your account. When you hold above these number, the fee will be zero. Bazista also promises the benefits revolving around the efficient and effective payments, low transactions fees, no hidden commissions, tax-free (given the fact that cryptocurrency is added in the system), instant payments, additional marketing tools, internal tokens. If you are open to the ideas of e-commerce platform, Bazista will definitely give you tons of advantages. You will expect to see the one-click purchases, rating systems, secure transactions, discounts, offers, and even commission-free transactions.

So, Bazista already offering live token sales, if you are interested then visit and invest, it has great future amd one of the best ICO around in Dec.

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Beauty is considered a valuable asset among modern women. The field of cosmetology gives birth to the concept of beauty as changing the lifestyle by adopting the modern trending ways in order to be considered in the category of “BEAUTY” by the society. Here the term beauty is referred to the physical external appearance of the woman which includes the shape of the body, tone of the skin, the shape of the oval face, beautiful hair, round eyes with different colors, smooth skin and perfect white and heathy teeth, which can also be referred to as the natural beauty of the individual that can also be achieved by the modern products from an industry called cosmetics.

In context of business, not all the women meet the criteria of beauty defined by the society because of several barriers between the consumers and business units. These barriers may include the limitation of payment methods, avoiding processing fee for credit services provided by commercial banks etc. With the introduction of cryptocurrency, ease of method of payments are aimed to be developed in every type of industry. JOLYY, is a cryptocurrency that aims to ease the payment methods in the cosmetic industry.

It was founded in 2016 with the idea to implement and improve the business models for online beauty booking across Europe. It is an online booking platform that will be based on blockchain technology which aims to benefit all the industry members as the blockchain technology is more transparent with low cost advantage for all the users. The current rate of commission of the industry is 20% that plays the role of barrier for consumers whereas JOLYY tends to charge no commission in the first year and intends to charge 1% commission after one year. As it is based on blockchain technology, so the transactions are held instantly between p2p so no waiting for the clearance of transaction.

JOLYY has the first mover advantage to provide a social platform using blockchain technology where the service providers can share their real-time experiences publicly with the clients and potential customers with also providing the easy accessibility to avail the services by just using the smart phone application. In traditional methods, the beauty service providers did not have a direct access to the cosmetic manufacturers so the JOLYY will enable not only to connect the consumers and beauty service providers but also enables service providers to connect with the cosmetic manufacturer to share their needs, wants and demands with the manufacturers to enable them to meet the changing trends of the business market as well as to smoothen the process of supply chain from manufacturers to service providers.

In the first quarter on 2018, JOLYY 2G Beta release with integrated JOY web app and scaling in overseas market. In second quarter of 2018, JOLYY 2G Main version with JOY app web app along with JOY mobile app will be integrated and in the third quarter od 2018, JOLYY will fully launch their social platform which will include JOLYY Store and JOLYY live. For more information visit their Ann Thread

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It Is Best Time To Invest In Ripple (XRP)

Ripple crypto is the product of Ripple, the company which was established by Jed McCaleb before he left in 2011. However, the Ripple was released in 2012 by the company of the same name. Ripple coin is categorized as a crypto currency and works pretty much the same with Bitcoin.

But there is a significant different from Ripple crypto currency. Unlike its competitors, the Ripple’s source code is owned directly by the company. That means third parties cannot verify this crypto currency.

Ripple company has been renowned for past several years. The ripples currency, XRP has been one of the most demanded crypto currencies in the world. Folks have been much familiar with the XRP. Sometimes folks are confused about the name of Ripple since it is both a digital currency and an open payment network in which the XRP currency is used. Although the payment system is still in beta, the goal of ripple system is pretty obvious. It is to ease folks to conduct fiscal activities in the internet without barriers. As we know, we have certain limitations when using conventional payments like credit cards, wire transfer, and so on. Ripple can eliminate these limitations.

The main goal of Ripple itself is to create the decentralized digital currency. Well, that explains a lot why folks often consider this as Bitcoin replacement. Ripple company knows really much about today’s society. Folks are often deterred to purchase online because each site has different payment systems. Ripple is purposely designed to overcome the problem by connecting different payment methods together.

Ripple, in many ways, is like Bitcoin. The Ripple’s XRP crypto currency is digital form of currency. It is generated through the specific mathematical formulas and has limited number of units ready to be mined. According to the charts, currently in Nov 04, 2017 Ripple is $0.204638 per 1 XRP. But within few weeks price will go up, specially after Bitcoin segwit 2x fork, which suppose to happen Nov 16, 2017. Also there are rumors, that Palm Beach Confidential (PBC) also recommend to buy ripple in Nov, So i believe it is best time to buy Ripple.

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Why You Should Buy Ethereum

For those who are fond of decentralized currency, safe payment gateway, and safe identity can make a good choice in Ethereum. Including the blockchain technology, Ethereum is there to achieve decentralized currency. While Bitcoin exists to replace online banking and PayPal, Ethereum is more focusing on replacing the third party’s internet.

Ethereum strives for the “World Computer” that is decentralized. Rather than storing your personal data in servers and clouds, these are replaced by “nodes” which are operated by users from around the world. So, instead of third parties who control the apps, the author and developers have their own independent ways to distribute their apps and get the rewards from it.

Put it simply, Ethereum is an open software platform based on blockchain technology. This open software platform can be used by all developers to build their own decentralized applications. It is similar to Bitcoin, but in many sides not really. Indeed, Ethereum is delivered through public blockchain network, just like Bitcoin. However, the most distinctive aspect between Ethereum and Bitcoin is the purpose and the capability of the Ethereum. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum blockchain rather focuses on running decentralized app with specific programming code.

The activity in the Ethereum blockchain is also a bit different with another cryptocurrency. The miners will earn Either, the crypto which can fuel the network. Ether is also a tradeable cryptocurrency. But most users of this currency is the developers who want to pay for services or any transaction in Ethereum network.

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Best Crypto Currency (Alt Coin) To Invest In October 2017

1. Cardano (ADA)

Recently ADA join into crypto currency world, first day it was trading $0.026 per coin. But after 1 week, the price went up and currently trading around $0.31. They have raised 600 million in ICO and pre ICO. Which means they have done exactly what they needed for the boost in the market. Their main development partner is IOHK, and you will find plenty of good article in Forbes, Bloomberg and the NASDAQ. IOHK development team has doctors, scientists, researcher who are working in the project.

What Cardano stand out from other crypto is, their technology and have strong development team. And This Saturday Oct 14, they officially launch in Japan, means their price wil up in near future and if you check their road map, you will see this coins have great future. So i believe this is the time to buy Cardano, currently trading in Bittrex, but soon there will be more, as per their website. Their CEO Charles Hoskinson was also CEO of Ethereum in 2013-2014, So i believe Cardano is the next Ether.

2. Ripple (XRP)

Well, I know Ripple has been around sometimes, and trading around $0.21 to $0.25 on few trading partner site. They had some up & down last few years, this is the only coins which price is steady, it doesn’t fall dramatically if bitcoins fall. Recently it volume went up almost triple, and price went to to as far as $0.31 cents, due to the Swell conference which happening international banking conference in Toronto Oct. 16-18.

Ripple is the only currency which brought together crypto & banking system, they hoping to add 2000 more banks in current conference, and their speaker Dr. Ben Bernanke and Sir Tim Berners-Lee will be speaking tomorrow at the conference in Toronto. If any positive news comes out of the conference tomorrow, then expect a price jump and it might go up to $0.45 cents, which will be all time high. So i think it is the best time to invest in Ripple.

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Why 99% Alt Coin Fail?

Well, Recently I have noticed Alt coin market saturated, If you visit the Alt coin announcement or bounty, you will notice every hour, there is a new coin announcement.

So my question is, how many % of those new alt coin survive in long run? let’s say 1 year? 2 years? or even 5 years?

99% of them will fail within first year. Here’s why:

1. People making millions of crypto currency, we can make it, lets make a coin.
2. People have no idea, what they are getting in, and how to run a company or organization.
3. People wants easy money.
4. No reputable organization or company behind the idea.
5. Most of people under 25, wanaa be entrepreneur, without any background or knowledge.
6. Most of the alt coin start with ICO, expecting to collect millions of dollar from it, without any capital.
7. How many new alt coin company can run of 20 to 25 dev team? not many.
8. Without zero marketing idea, or how to market the coin.
9. When coin price doesn’t go up in couple of months, they give up.
10. If we can list on exchanges, we will get rich!

The rest of 1% Alt coin will survive beyond 2020 because >
1. They have a purpose and ambition.
2. They don’t go after money, rather working hard to maintain back end.
3. Strong Development team, who knows what they are doing.
4. Keeping touch with social media, updating every move and letting investors know, they are in good hand.
5. Trust factor, you have to show that public will trust you.
6. Regularly have conference, at least twice a year and update investor, what’s going on.
7. A clear road map, and actually follow it.
8. Thinking long term.
9. Hire actual marketing people rather than depends on this forum only.
10. There are million of people who doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you have to learn how to reach them.
11. Stop depending on Social media, We all know 70% people use social media is under 25 and they are student. They are not investor.
12. Try to connect your coin with any company, or organization, no matter how small it is.
13. Go slow, don’t worry about your price, worry about your project and stability.
14. Hire online entrepreneur or even a YouTube star, if your audience is young and target market under 25.

I can go on and on but these are my opinion to be a successful in this field.  I posted this on Bitcoin talk forum, you can check here, if you want to share your opinion, then join us here


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