It Is Best Time To Invest In Ripple (XRP)

Ripple crypto is the product of Ripple, the company which was established by Jed McCaleb before he left in 2011. However, the Ripple was released in 2012 by the company of the same name. Ripple coin is categorized as a crypto currency and works pretty much the same with Bitcoin.

But there is a significant different from Ripple crypto currency. Unlike its competitors, the Ripple’s source code is owned directly by the company. That means third parties cannot verify this crypto currency.

Ripple company has been renowned for past several years. The ripples currency, XRP has been one of the most demanded crypto currencies in the world. Folks have been much familiar with the XRP. Sometimes folks are confused about the name of Ripple since it is both a digital currency and an open payment network in which the XRP currency is used. Although the payment system is still in beta, the goal of ripple system is pretty obvious. It is to ease folks to conduct fiscal activities in the internet without barriers. As we know, we have certain limitations when using conventional payments like credit cards, wire transfer, and so on. Ripple can eliminate these limitations.

The main goal of Ripple itself is to create the decentralized digital currency. Well, that explains a lot why folks often consider this as Bitcoin replacement. Ripple company knows really much about today’s society. Folks are often deterred to purchase online because each site has different payment systems. Ripple is purposely designed to overcome the problem by connecting different payment methods together.

Ripple, in many ways, is like Bitcoin. The Ripple’s XRP crypto currency is digital form of currency. It is generated through the specific mathematical formulas and has limited number of units ready to be mined. According to the charts, currently in Nov 04, 2017 Ripple is $0.204638 per 1 XRP. But within few weeks price will go up, specially after Bitcoin segwit 2x fork, which suppose to happen Nov 16, 2017. Also there are rumors, that Palm Beach Confidential (PBC) also recommend to buy ripple in Nov, So i believe it is best time to buy Ripple.

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Why You Should Buy Ethereum

For those who are fond of decentralized currency, safe payment gateway, and safe identity can make a good choice in Ethereum. Including the blockchain technology, Ethereum is there to achieve decentralized currency. While Bitcoin exists to replace online banking and PayPal, Ethereum is more focusing on replacing the third party’s internet.

Ethereum strives for the “World Computer” that is decentralized. Rather than storing your personal data in servers and clouds, these are replaced by “nodes” which are operated by users from around the world. So, instead of third parties who control the apps, the author and developers have their own independent ways to distribute their apps and get the rewards from it.

Put it simply, Ethereum is an open software platform based on blockchain technology. This open software platform can be used by all developers to build their own decentralized applications. It is similar to Bitcoin, but in many sides not really. Indeed, Ethereum is delivered through public blockchain network, just like Bitcoin. However, the most distinctive aspect between Ethereum and Bitcoin is the purpose and the capability of the Ethereum. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum blockchain rather focuses on running decentralized app with specific programming code.

The activity in the Ethereum blockchain is also a bit different with another cryptocurrency. The miners will earn Either, the crypto which can fuel the network. Ether is also a tradeable cryptocurrency. But most users of this currency is the developers who want to pay for services or any transaction in Ethereum network.

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Best Crypto Currency (Alt Coin) To Invest In October 2017

1. Cardano (ADA)

Recently ADA join into crypto currency world, first day it was trading $0.026 per coin. But after 1 week, the price went up and currently trading around $0.31. They have raised 600 million in ICO and pre ICO. Which means they have done exactly what they needed for the boost in the market. Their main development partner is IOHK, and you will find plenty of good article in Forbes, Bloomberg and the NASDAQ. IOHK development team has doctors, scientists, researcher who are working in the project.

What Cardano stand out from other crypto is, their technology and have strong development team. And This Saturday Oct 14, they officially launch in Japan, means their price wil up in near future and if you check their road map, you will see this coins have great future. So i believe this is the time to buy Cardano, currently trading in Bittrex, but soon there will be more, as per their website. Their CEO Charles Hoskinson was also CEO of Ethereum in 2013-2014, So i believe Cardano is the next Ether.

2. Ripple (XRP)

Well, I know Ripple has been around sometimes, and trading around $0.21 to $0.25 on few trading partner site. They had some up & down last few years, this is the only coins which price is steady, it doesn’t fall dramatically if bitcoins fall. Recently it volume went up almost triple, and price went to to as far as $0.31 cents, due to the Swell conference which happening international banking conference in Toronto Oct. 16-18.

Ripple is the only currency which brought together crypto & banking system, they hoping to add 2000 more banks in current conference, and their speaker Dr. Ben Bernanke and Sir Tim Berners-Lee will be speaking tomorrow at the conference in Toronto. If any positive news comes out of the conference tomorrow, then expect a price jump and it might go up to $0.45 cents, which will be all time high. So i think it is the best time to invest in Ripple.

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Why 99% Alt Coin Fail?

Well, Recently I have noticed Alt coin market saturated, If you visit the Alt coin announcement or bounty, you will notice every hour, there is a new coin announcement.

So my question is, how many % of those new alt coin survive in long run? let’s say 1 year? 2 years? or even 5 years?

99% of them will fail within first year. Here’s why:

1. People making millions of crypto currency, we can make it, lets make a coin.
2. People have no idea, what they are getting in, and how to run a company or organization.
3. People wants easy money.
4. No reputable organization or company behind the idea.
5. Most of people under 25, wanaa be entrepreneur, without any background or knowledge.
6. Most of the alt coin start with ICO, expecting to collect millions of dollar from it, without any capital.
7. How many new alt coin company can run of 20 to 25 dev team? not many.
8. Without zero marketing idea, or how to market the coin.
9. When coin price doesn’t go up in couple of months, they give up.
10. If we can list on exchanges, we will get rich!

The rest of 1% Alt coin will survive beyond 2020 because >
1. They have a purpose and ambition.
2. They don’t go after money, rather working hard to maintain back end.
3. Strong Development team, who knows what they are doing.
4. Keeping touch with social media, updating every move and letting investors know, they are in good hand.
5. Trust factor, you have to show that public will trust you.
6. Regularly have conference, at least twice a year and update investor, what’s going on.
7. A clear road map, and actually follow it.
8. Thinking long term.
9. Hire actual marketing people rather than depends on this forum only.
10. There are million of people who doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you have to learn how to reach them.
11. Stop depending on Social media, We all know 70% people use social media is under 25 and they are student. They are not investor.
12. Try to connect your coin with any company, or organization, no matter how small it is.
13. Go slow, don’t worry about your price, worry about your project and stability.
14. Hire online entrepreneur or even a YouTube star, if your audience is young and target market under 25.

I can go on and on but these are my opinion to be a successful in this field.  I posted this on Bitcoin talk forum, you can check here, if you want to share your opinion, then join us here


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New Crypto Currency Betrium Pre ICO Oct 21

New crypto currency Ico will launch in 10th November worldwide. Betrium has a group of entrepreneurs from MIT & MIPT, and offering decentralized coin in sports betting. As we know the sports betting market is huge, and about 100 million people betting online and offline every month. So Betrium, come up with an idea, how they can offer those bettors to bet on crypto coins worldwide, supporting bitcoins, Ether, Dash and other coins. Betrium platform will also help bettors to make more profit from each bet as commission will be lower than current percentage, and more profitable odds. Check out more details at

For example, now if you deposit any money to any sports betting sites, they will charge you 3% to 5% fees, which is very high and not good for those bettors, but Betrium will not take any money if you deposit, which will be huge relief for those bettors. Betrium also will offer open API, which means, 3rd party and betting service provider can use the API and benefit from it, which means Betrium can be one of the world leading betting processing center in future.

Betrium founded in 2016, and by April 2017, they have raised $220k from the investors. So many people start to believe in them, and they hope to raise more money in coming Pre ICO event in 21st October, and will end in November 21st.

Currently Pre ICO offering 1 ETH = 6000 BTRM, and maximum 2000 ETH will be sold. So, if you would like to join the pre ICO, and contribute then visit

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Bitcoin Fundamentals

Bitcoin is one of the first digital-based currency Bitcoins are the actual cryptocurrency which isn’t regulated by the government or any financial institution. There is no such thing like account bankbook but you’ll have the Bitcoin wallet for any transactions.

You can manage bitcoin wallet by setting up the account through a broker like Coinbase. Whatever broker you’ll use make sure they’re the certified brokers. You’ll get a Bitcoin address consists of letters and numbers so you can access your bitcoins or to send bitcoins to other individuals as you input the passwords. Make sure that nobody knows your private key password.

Basically, there 3 activities you can do with bitcoins. First, you can use Bitcoins for payment on merchants, unlike cash, you can do the payment anonymously. Second, you can send money to other individuals. Third, you can simply treat your Bitcoin as investments as the rate is rocketing days by days.

Even though Bitcoin has been fluctuating, it certainly has a very impressive progress. In the initial 2013, Bitcoin had priced at US$ 400 per bitcoin but in the end of the year it grew up to over US$ 1000. Any person who invested Bitcoin at that time will gain more than 150% from Bitcoin investments. In fact, many people store bitcoins as an investment due to its fluctuating value.

Bitcoin becomes regularly be used in the gambling industry as the payment due to its anonymity. You can play with the Bitcoin at any tables or sites and you can simply withdraw it from your Bitcoin wallet to their Bitcoin wallet. As you do it, you’ll soon know the benefit that there is no tax included or other possibilities as it’s beyond the regulation or governmental control. In fact, this phenomenon is growing up as more and more offline and online casinos apply the Bitcoin as the payment method.

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Why Bitcoin Price Going Up? Simple Explanation

Many people wondering, why all of sudden Bitcoin price is going up in fast motion, in last 48 hours. There was some rumors about hard fork in October, But rumors turned out to be truth now.

Yes, Bitcoin announces that, they will fork 3rd week of October, which is why all of sudden, there is a completion to get a bitcoin. But why everyone wants a piece of it?

Because if there is a fork happening means, every bitcoin you hold, you will get same amount of bitcoin gold. That’s mean bitcoin giving away free money to bitcoin holder just like last time they did in bitcoin cash fork. So this is why you see price going up rapidly, because tons of people trying to get a hold of bitcoin. But as we don’t know how much bitcoin gold would worth, it could be anywhere $400 to $900 per bitcoin gold, think how much money you can get it free, once you hold 1 btc.

So, what i believe is after the hard fork, btc price will go down, as most people invested in Alt coin will also go back to where they were invested previously. That’s why you see almost all Alt coin price going down, due to the fork happening. But after fork is done, everything will be back to normal. So invest smart.

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