Bitcoin Fundamentals

Bitcoin is one of the first digital-based currency Bitcoins are the actual cryptocurrency which isn’t regulated by the government or any financial institution. There is no such thing like account bankbook but you’ll have the Bitcoin wallet for any transactions.

You can manage bitcoin wallet by setting up the account through a broker like Coinbase. Whatever broker you’ll use make sure they’re the certified brokers. You’ll get a Bitcoin address consists of letters and numbers so you can access your bitcoins or to send bitcoins to other individuals as you input the passwords. Make sure that nobody knows your private key password.

Basically, there 3 activities you can do with bitcoins. First, you can use Bitcoins for payment on merchants, unlike cash, you can do the payment anonymously. Second, you can send money to other individuals. Third, you can simply treat your Bitcoin as investments as the rate is rocketing days by days.

Even though Bitcoin has been fluctuating, it certainly has a very impressive progress. In the initial 2013, Bitcoin had priced at US$ 400 per bitcoin but in the end of the year it grew up to over US$ 1000. Any person who invested Bitcoin at that time will gain more than 150% from Bitcoin investments. In fact, many people store bitcoins as an investment due to its fluctuating value.

Bitcoin becomes regularly be used in the gambling industry as the payment due to its anonymity. You can play with the Bitcoin at any tables or sites and you can simply withdraw it from your Bitcoin wallet to their Bitcoin wallet. As you do it, you’ll soon know the benefit that there is no tax included or other possibilities as it’s beyond the regulation or governmental control. In fact, this phenomenon is growing up as more and more offline and online casinos apply the Bitcoin as the payment method.

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